In 2002 a man called Nemo transformed an old San Francisco city bus into
a mobile work of art with the help of a dedicated and talented team of artists.
The non-profit aquatic masterpiece provided free art tours of the vast, deep desert
at the annual progressive arts festival, Burning Man, in Nevada.

After 4 years of spectacular art tours, the precious vessel sputtered to a halt.

Nautilus X is her name. Please hear this call.

S.O.S. We need your help to RAISE THE NAUTILUS.

This beauty, born 1984, calls for parts now rare to find. In total, repairs amount to almost $15,000.00. Please, help us save our desert-trotting ship this year and restore her to full splendor for all to enjoy.

Nautilus X needs your donations. We are asking for a modest sum of $15 per person the price of a CD, 2 pitchers of beer, or a movie ticket plus popcorn. Please help us reach our goal. Donate today!